Eco-Tourism Travel Experience In The Gambia

There are several tourist destinations worldwide for naturalists, but only a few can compare with the opportunities offered from this peaceful land with her natural African beauty of diversities of a rich flora and fauna. The smiling coast of The Gambia is an ideal Eco-tourist destination highly flavored with the uniqueness of The River Gambia with different species of fish harvested for food while the Dolphins captivate Aquarists. What to do at sentosa singapore 

A ferry ride on this navigable river will soothe stressful minds and the mangroves with the moneys and baboons entertaining visitors with natural melodies created by over 500 species of birds found in these virgin forests. A visit to Kachikali Crocodile Pool with the sacred ground, offers visitors an experience of swimming in the same water with live crocodiles and even playing with them without being hurt; this can only be experienced here and no where else. Abuko Nature Reserve is another place that offers the uniqueness of seeing different types of reptiles, monkeys and other wild animals. Bird Watchers will find most of the forest areas ideal for filming. Another place to catch more excitements is the Fathala Reserve located between The Gambia and Senegal Border.

This reserve offers visitors the opportunity of riding among herds of antelopes especially the rarest ones of the Western Giant Eland. Giraffes, rhinos and buffaloes are common sights to reward your visiting this park showcasing species threatened by extinction. A visit to The Gambia is never complete without experiencing the Makasutu Cultural Forest. This is the best Eco hotel in the world according to The Sunday Times, UK. This is home to a troupe of over 200 baboons, floating houses on water, a night of culture and dancing in the sacred forest blending with the river. The serenity and preserved forest undisturbed with the traditional people living around will always tell a natural story of the rich culture of The Gambia

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