First Things First, Understanding Basic Home Building

Speed. We love it. But, what place does it have in home building? I admit that time is valuable and a quicker building time can save on interest charges but I see more problems with unrealistic expectations.

Home building should not be a race. Let’s discuss the following popular question.

Question: We want to move into our new home by Christmas, how quickly can we build it?


Whether it’s Christmas, the start  รับสร้างบ้านราชบุรี of school or whatever benchmark you want, it’s good to have goals. But, it’s also important to be realistic. Yet, I hear it all the time … we can build your home in 90 days! Well, I’m here to tell you that it won’t happen. Is it possible? Sure, but it’s extremely unlikely. Extreme Make-over should be called Extreme Make-believe!

Home Building Must Deal With Many Factors

What’ s a realistic time frame for building a home? Well, it surely depends on many things. For instance, are you a DIY Owner Builder doing most of the work yourself? Are you planning to use a General Contractor to build the home for you? Perhaps you plan to manage the entire process and hire out the labor. Or, maybe you’ll use a kit or packaged home …

Home building is a fluid process that is difficult to control at all times. Things tend to take longer than anticipated and there are often problems and situations that you simply didn’t plan on.

House Construction Variables You Can’t Always Control

Let’s look at some variables that you’ll have little, if any, control over if and when they happen:

  • Weather delays
  • Manufacturing and delivery issues
  • Workers getting sick or injured or called to other emergencies
  • Returns of defective products
  • Necessary changes to the design
  • Inspections that failed and other “do-overs”

The bottom line is that surprises happen and people make mistakes. Everyone who builds must take this into account and plan accordingly.

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