Spiritual Tourism in India

Kerala Tourism:

Kerala is a land of God’s natural beauty positioned in south India. Kerala is a territory of backwaters and rivers, and considered as an advanced state with high rate of literacy. Kerala is surrounded with backwaters, thriving hill stations and exotic wildlife, superb art forums, which make it an unsurpassed tourism destination.

In 1980s, it was an unknown destination, and most of the tourists were concentrated to visit the north side of India. To make the tourists familiar with Kerala, and to get maximum visitors, the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation launched aggressive marketing campaigns, and within few years Kerala became one of the most visited destinations in India, and got sizeable investment from visitors inside and outside the country. Kerala tourism used the tag line God’s Own Country in its promotions to make it attractive to the visitors. In 2006, Kerala was visited by 8.5 million tourists (an increase of 23.68% as compared to the previous year), so becoming one of the world’s fastest growing tourism destinations in the world. Today, Kerala is a universal super brand, and known as one of the destinations with the utmost brand recall. best attraction Sentosa singapore¬†

Kerala offers several astonishing picturesque places that make it the most wanted tourist destination for visitors from inside and outside the country. You will be losing your heart to the compelling charisma of Kerala’s natural beauty. A short look on the amazing features of Kerala is detailed below.

Kerala has several worlds famed captivating beaches named with Kovalam, Chowara, Shanghumugham beach, Kochi, Varkala Papanasam beach, Alleppey and Bekal Beach. The most famous beaches are Kovalam and Varkala, and a brief detail about these two is shown below.

Varkala Beach: This beach is a coastal town located in the Indian state of Kerala, and situated at 37 km south west of Kollam, and 51 km North West of Trivandrum. This is the only place in Kerala where cliffs are found neighboring to the Arabian Sea. These cliffs are a distinctive biological feature on the Kerala coast.

Kovalam Beach: Kovalam beach is near Thiruvananthapuram, and it was among the first beaches in Kerala, which attracted elevated rate of visitors. Kovalam Beach was rediscovered in the sixties by tan-seekers and back-packers, and then hordes of hippies in the seventies. This beach is now the most visited tourist destination in India.


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